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At the concert we help you start off on the rite foot and make sure that you meet the special person that you deserve.

When you meet him or her you will know strait away that they are the one for you.

You will know if they are astronomically compatible strait away also with the secret formula that I have created.

All of your bodies chemicals will spark letting you know that you want to spend the rest of your life with that person.

You have to be truthful with yourself and others by giving the ticket agency and the door person your correct date of birth.

This is very important because your birth date is what Astrology is based on.

 They can give you the correct star signs stickers to wear.

Don't worry no one else will find it out unless you tell them.

You will see at least 30% of people at the concert that are astrologically compatible with you.

They are the ones to look for.

As for the remaining 70% well you can still have fun with them but I would not recommend going into a relationship with them if you want it to last forever.

Want to find out how it works.

Come to the concert.


So when you arrive  you will be instantly enticed by all the people at the concert.

Do a little mingling and flirting in the crowd until you find the rite person for you.

Be entertained by our DJ's or Bands and dance like you've never danced before.

Don't worry about having to take the first step as you might be the quiet type or get embarrassed.

You will see that the people that you are interested in as well as yourself and all the others are wearing a 4 digit pin code sticker on there arm.

You will be able to send them a message or check their photos, videos and message them all on your mobile smartphone.

They won't be able to get your mobile phone number for privacy laws and we do not suggest that you give anyone your mobile number however that is totally up to you.

Don't need any stalkers.

Before the concert once you have purchased a ticket you will be able to download an app from the webpage that lets you view compatible partners and their profiles.

You will be able to organize to meet people somewhere at the concert all on your smart phone.

You can continue using your phone throughout and after the concert in order to helping you find the perfect Astrological partner in the whole Galaxy.

Loaded 15 Dec 2013  (my Birthday age 49). 

I am hoping on spending my 50th birthday in Vegas.See you there because everyone is welcome.

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