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A Bit About Myself

I go by many Names but for the purpose of this cause lets call me



I was born for a specific purpose in life and I wouldn't have made it this far to do this,  if it wasn't for my creator.{ God of the heavens and earth }. Every religion is basically the same, we all believe in a Creator.{no matter what we call him/her.}The only thing that changes are the rules and im not delving into that.I am a Christian myself  (Church of England) I go to Victory Life Church sometimes and enjoy the way everyone dances and sings songs of joy for Jesus and his Dad. The people there are super friendly and helpful, Like a big family.

Merry Christmas everyone and lets look forward to a prosperous 2015.

My purpose in life is to help people form long loving relationships.[Hundreds of relationships were formed through my Flirt Partys during the 7 years - (see photo's of yourselves guys and gals flirting and dancing the night away.) Please note that if anyone doesn't like their photos being shown.Just email me the photos  number and I will remove it for you. )] - that I ran them and I would have kept on going along the path I am leading you now if that scum bag of a person hadn't of slipped me a micky.Anyway that stalled me a decade as the brain damage suffered was quit servere.Enough said about that.Kama will catch up and get them.

Maybee Karma got me for a while.

Anyway having taken just about all of that time for my brain to start working again, I am now ready to do it again, but only this time even better.

People will be guided into finding there other half.

If I hadn't of been such a player with the girls and had at least 5 or 6 major relationships in my life, I wouldn't have believed in my Astrologic Love Formula that I have created if I had not have studied astrology for the last 15 years now and finally come up with this love formulae.

My last two relationships financially and mentally crippled me.

Funnily enough they where both Gemini {who are Astrologically opposite to me, definitely not compatible.decade.Spoilt by one of my so called best mates.

I shouldn't of let her get away, as we were astrologically compatible together.At least we are still good friends and we share a beautiful daughter together.

Anyway Ladies I am single now and looking for a woman who is either a Leo or an Aries and a Monkey or a Rat. 


Born in London.

I caught the ship over to Australia as a ten pound pom Jan 10th 1971 when I was seven years old.

As a teenager I was always coming up with new idea's.I loved surfing and going an fter Girls. I didd'ent really apply myself until college. I studied to become a Land and Engineering Surveyor and worked for several Surveying companies. I later on formed my own Survey company ( Joondalup Surveys ) and did some extremely large Engineering Jobs one being the Roads for the Graham Farmer Freeway Tunnel through Northbridge in Perth City Western Australia. I was always into the nightlife as I loved going to see bands and then hit the night clubs in Northbridge and Scarbough afterwards.I traveled quit a bit throughout Europe and Australia in my never ending Quest to find the perfect wave..1995 I created Flirt Partys and formed a company called Flirt PartyAustralia. I also had the TradeMark  FlirtParty.comI started off doing them in the country towns in Western Australia which where extremely popular with plenty of bookings and then at Metropolis Fremantle every Friday night for a good 8 months. I was averaging 3 Flirt Partys a week. Then  we hit the big time in the Largest Venue in Perth City ( Metro City ).5000 people We always advertised on the Radio and then finally it was advertised on TV. We even had several shows on TV talking about it by celebrities. From there I did Flirt Partys in the largest venues in each state in Australia. All up  I personally did hundreds of Flirt Partys over a 5 year term.​During this time I met some very influential people including professional DJ's from around Australia and the UK.

I even did a concert with the Ministry of Sound.Unfortunately 2005 i was taken sick and was advised to sell it.I did all of the hard yards in Australia however I was too young to realise its total potential.If you search for it on the Internet you will see that it is held in different countries all around the World. Well that was eight years ago and I have thought long and hard at making it be so much better.I started off before my term ended by introducing star sign stickers at the Flirt Partys.I have since studied Astrology over that time and along with the 3 years of Astronomy, which included going up to the top of Rebold Hill in Wembley and measuring Horizontal and Vertical angles  with a Theodolights to different Stars at night. Along with precise Greenwich mean Time. We could calculated precise Latitude and Longitude of where were on the earths surface.We could also calculate very accurate azimuth (direction).These observations were then calculated by using spherical trigonometric formulas.When I worked in the Desert all around Australia doing seismic surveying for Oil, I used to measure angles to the Sun in order to find out our positions.  I had to use a special filter on the telescope to protect my eyes.

In the old days navigators on sailing ships did the same type of thing by using a sextant to look atthe Stars and find out where they were and bearing with a compass. I did to gain my Surveying Diploma.All of this knowledge and experience has given me the insight for my destined creation.

www.AstroLoveConcerts.comAs you can see from my webpage ( which I am building myself ),I will be organising the biggest music concerts in the world.The reason I know it will work is how many other places do you know that can pack Astrologicallycompatible people together, in an environment that pumps. I did it in every Venue that I had Flirt Partys in Australia. I created Astro Love Concerts after many years of planning.I hope to hold my first Concert at the Hollywood Fringe Festival in USA.Along with Trademarks and Patents. Finding a sutible Venue in Hollywood to stage the Astro Love Concert.Advertising needs to done there also.So there is a lot to be done prior to the start date June 11 lasting until June 29 of this year.Since launching this internet sight 5 months ago, I have noticed many different astrological sites start up that are trying to sell tickets to music concerts and parties. Even Germany has launched a Domain called I know that they will all fail, because it has taken me a lifetime to design this new concept.Only I have the Patented Formula that will work for everyone. I guarantee that everyone at one of my concerts will meet dozens of Astrologically compatible people. I will also have Western and Eastern/Chinese professional Astrologers, from the two different Zodiacs types to help you in choosing your compatible partner as an added bonus.