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Please don't make the same mistake that Billions of others including myself  have made in the past.That is by having a relationship with someone who is astrologically incompatible with you.I'm not saying it won't work out but it will be very hard work.In most instances it will only end up in disaster, heartbreak, divorce, expense, problems and unhappiness. I don't have to quote statistics.


Fall in Love when all the elements that control the universe can be used to help guide you to finding your compatible partners that are in sinc with the way you have been made by God and your parents  on the day you were born.

Let the Sun Moon and Planets Guide You into finding Everlasting Love.Finding your soul mate that is Astrologically compatible to you is a hard task. From Studying and combining Western Astrology, which is defined by the day and month that you where born) and Eastern/Chinese Astrology (which is defined by the year that you where born), I have come up with a Love Formula that helps you 100% find Astrologically compatible partners for you at the  Concert.